Karate training at home

At Kyudokan we believe that progress in a martial art can only come from regular practice. Kyudo Mugen, the study-trail is never-ending, dear to Master Yuchoku Higa, founder of Kyudokan has become the motto of the school and symbolises the spirit of Kyudokan, the pursuit of personal physical and mental development through constant practice. As

Karate Belts

March 2020 Grading

Our next grading is scheduled for Saturday 21st March 2020 from 10:30 to 12:00. People eligible for grading will be informed closed to the time. Grading will take place in the Southern Kingdom Dojo in Killorglin, Co. Kerry.

Best of 2019

With our last training last Friday, another year of training came to an end. Over the past two years, Kyudokan Kerry has grown steadily and 2019 was no different. We took part in 2 nationals competitions and organised our first Kyudokan Seminar in Kerry with sensei Rault. We continue to grow our training group and

December Classes

Here are a few photos of one of our last classes of 2019 in Killorglin. The remaining classes in December 2019 are: Friday 13th DecemberTuesday 17th DecemberFriday 20th DecemberFriday 27th December After the new year, classes will resume on Friday 3rd January 2020. Please note that we are planning a beginners class on Tuesday evenings

New Killorglin venue

Since the beginning of December, we have started training in a new dojo in Dunmaniheen, Killorglin, Co. Kerry. The new venue is bigger than the previous location to cater for our growing number of participants. It is a dedicated martial arts dojo and is equipped with heavy bags and other martial arts equipment.

Karate Ireland Nationals success

On Sunday 1st December 2019, a small delegation of Kyudokan Kerry took part in Karate Ireland Nationals in Abbotstown, Dublin. Although quite small, we were delighted with the results of our 3 competitors who came back with 5 medals between them. Medals were obtained in all disciplines, Kata, Kumite and Kobudo.

Karate equipment

We have a club account with the fight store, Dublin and can get access to equipment from them at a discounted price when ordering through Kyudokan Kerry. Although you can start training in a tracksuit and t-shirt or shorts and t-shirt, we usually wear a karate uniform called karategi or keikogi. Other equipment that we