Killorglin Sports Complex was the venue this Saturday 1st June 2019 for the first Kyudokan Okinawa Shorin-ryu seminar in Ireland. The event was hosted by Kyudokan Kerry and lead by Sensei Patrick Rault, Kyoshi, 8th Dan of Kyudokan France. The event was supported by Karate Ireland.

Group Photo after Sensei Rault Karate Shorin-ryu Seminar in Killorglin

Sensei Rault has a wealth of experience of both Karate and Japaneses culture since he lived in Japan for 15 years. He also travels 3 times a year to Okinawa to train with his master, Kyudokan soke Master Minoru Higa.

The event was a great success and was attended by visitors from France, the UK and from other Irish Karatekas. After a short warm up, Sensei Rault put the group through its paces and as is the tradition in the Okinawan Kyudokan dojo, a significant amount of time was spent practicing the school kihons, (the basic punches, blocks and kicks). This started with the tsukis, and was followed by some blocks and kicks.

After the kihons were completed, some two people exercises were practiced in order to get a better understanding of practical applications of some of the basic moves.

Throughout the seminar, Sensei Rault moved from group to group, observing the practice and correcting the techniques when required.

The seminar continued with some body conditioning of arms and legs and with a series of katas. Throughout the whole seminar, Sensei Rault dispensed some invaluable advice in relation to karate techniques and about to the mental attitude required for Budo karate.

The seminar ended up with the usual photographs affording all members an opportunity to take a photograph with Sensei.

After the event, members of Kyudokan Kerry, London Kyudokan and some of their family members gathered in a local restaurant for a meal.

Kyudokan Kerry and all participants were delighted with the event and are already looking forward to the next one.

Kyudokan Kerry operates from Killorglin in Co. Kerry and trains twice a week in Killorglin sports complex. Classes are open to all from 10 years of age, irrespective of their karate skills level. Beginners are welcomed at any time of the year.

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