Some of the reasons to practice Karate

Men and women of all age practice karate for various reasons. This video highlights some of the reasons why people decide to practice this ancient martial art.

No matter your age, gender or your current level of fitness, the practice of Karate for adults has many benefits.


As we have become less physically active and in an era where obesity is on the rise, any opportunity to exercise is welcomed. Karate has a great mix of physical training, cardio and stretching and goes beyond the obvious kicking and punching.

Balance and coordination

Many exercises and movements contribute to improving your posture, balance and coordination. Through karate practice, you will improve your flexibility, balance, hand-eye coordination and your natural strength without the need to use weights.

Increased Self confidence

Karate is a martial arts and encompasses an element of self defence. Through the weekly training and their advancement in grades and ability, participants benefit from increased confidence.  Self defence goes beyond the actual fighting and participants learn to avoid putting themselves at risk and to avoid potentially dangerous situation in the first place and to use their skill only in extreme necessity.

Karate as a social outlet

There is a famous say in Okinawa “The moment we talk we become friends”. Although training can be demanding at times, we try our best to apply this spirit to our dojo by making it welcoming and enjoyable  to all irrespective of gender or age.

Be assured that no matter your level of fitness or skill, you will always be welcomed to our dojo.

You’re never too old to start karate

Okinawan karate is gentle on joints than some other forms of japanese karate most of the stances are natural stances. This is possibly one of the reasons why many of the Okinawan masters practice until well into their old age. It is not uncommon in Okinawa to see 70 and even 80 year old practitioners train.

In fact this is very much a family activity and many dojo have two or three generations involved in karaté and training in the same room. In the Killorglin dojo, many of the people training are over 40.

Karate is a Family Activity

Okinawa karate dojos are usually a family affair and the bond between participants extends beyond the realms of karate training. Our classes are opened to children from the age of 10. We let adults and children train in the same class which allows parents to train with their children if they so wish. This has a number of benefits, it can help children who feel intimidated in starting a new activity particularly of no other children are taking part.

Training with your children allows you to have a common interest and to bond by practicing the same activity.

If you or somebody you know is interested in finding out more about our classes, feel free to contact us.

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