Although you can start training in a tracksuit and t-shirt or shorts and t-shirt, we usually wear a karate uniform called karategi or keikogi. If you train with Kyudokan Kerry, we would expect you to purchase a karategi after a few weeks training.

These vary greatly in price and can go from €25 for a beginners karategi to more than €300. The club usually orders karategis supplies from No Kachi a local supplier to ensure we get the best price and service for our club members. We can also get your karategi that are ordered throught the club embroidered with the Kyudokan Crest. If you are interested in purchasing a karategi, please contact us.

If you prefer to get it yourself, these can be purchased from many sports or specialist stores online. Very few store have them in stock in Kerry.

You can also purchase your karategi directly from a range of suppliers such as:

Fightstore Ireland



Seishin International:

Or many other online stores.

Club merchandise

We have teamed up with Azzurri for our club merchandise. A number of standard items are available all year round from our Azzurri Shop at

These items can be ordered directly from Azzurri and are delivered to your home address.

Here is a sample of the items available permanently on the club store.

Kyudokan Kerry Badge

Price: 1st badge is free to club members. 10 Euro for subsequent ones. If you want to purchase a badge for your karategi, please let us know.

Colour: black/White