Videos of Kyudokan basic techniques

The following are a series of videos about the Kyudokan, available on the Traditional Karate Youtube Channel. These are interviews of Master Minoru Higa where he discusses the basics and the ethos of the school. Recommended viewing for any Kyudokan student

Part One – The Kyudokan Punch

Karate in japanese means “empty hand” and the basis of karate is hand/punching techniques.

The first video discusses the famous Kyudokan Tsuki (punch) and the basics of punching including fist conditioning.

Part Two – Daily Practice

Kyudokan founder Yuchoku Higa believed that the study of karate is a lifelong pursuit. The moto of the school is Kyudo Mugen (the study of the way never ends)

The second video is about tsuki daily practice in the humbu dojo in Naha, Okinawa.

Part Three – Basic Punches and Blocks

Sound basic techniques are very important in all Kyudokan Dojos and our school places a lot of emphasis on basic training.

This third video demonstrates the basics of the school such as karate punches and blocks.

Part four – Traditional Okinawan Karate Class

Kyudokan and Shorin-ryu karate in general are a traditional karate style.

Part Four of the documentary shows traditional training sessions as practiced in Master Higa’s dojo in Naha, Okinawa.

Part 5 – Kyudokan Kata

Katas are at the centre of most Okinawan karate schools and at the center of Kyudokan training.

The fifth part of the series focuses on basics of Kyudokan katas