Since the Irish lockdown is likely to continue for another while, and  in order to provide those who are interested with a way to continue to train while we cannot visit the Dojo, we have started running classes online every Tuesday and Friday evening at 6:00. 

Our first ever online class

The classes are open to all and are helpful in setting up time specifically for training and can be a good motivation to do a bit of exercise. The classes are set in such a way that the exercises can be done in a very small space. They are run through the Zoom Platform and are open to all. All you need is a computer or a phone, an internet connection and a small space.

We have also started taking part in classes run by Sensei Patrick Rault for Kyudokan students. The first such class took place on Tuesday 21st April and was attended from members of the Kyudokan family in Ireland, France, the UK, Spain, Italy and Uruguay. THe initial class was a general one but additional classes are planned.

The first class with Sensei Patrick Rault with participants from different countries. (photo courtesy of Patrick Rault Sensei)

If you are interested in taking up karate or have trained in the past and are considering returning to training, the online classes are a great way to get a feel for the activity and also to get familiar with the various techniques before we return to training in the dojo. Classes are free so why not give us a ring and take advantage of this unique opportunity to exercise while at home.

Feel free to contact us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or by email at or to share our details with whoever you think might be interested.