Sensei Patrick Rault, 9th dan Okinawa will be leading a karate seminar in Killorglin, Co. Kerry, Ireland on Saturday 24th June 2024.

The event is open to all styles and affiliations.
Do not miss this rare opportunity to train with Sensei Rault

Event Details


CYMS Hall, Mill Road,
Killorglin, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Date & Time:

Saturday 28th September 2024
from 3:00 to 6:00 PM


€40 per person

The CYMS Killorglin Venue

About Sensei Rault

Sensei Patrick Rault was born in Versailles, France on 29th May 1960. He started karate at the age of 15 under Sensei Guy Juille, Shito-ryu in 1975. He moved to Japan where he lived  for 15 years where he taught karate in Tokyo for more than 10 years. From 1982, he studied Shorin Ryu with Master Kenyu Chinen. He also was a resident in the house to master Matayoshi (Kobudo) from 1985 to 1986.

Between 1985 and 2000, Patrick Sensei trained in Okinawa with Master Yoshio Nakamura, and has since 2001 trained with Master Minoru Higa. He also practiced other martial arts such as Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Muai Thai.

Patrick Sensei studied Japanese calligraphy for 8 years with Master Tsuji Tamizo. 

He also taught karate in London between 2003 and 2007. Since then, he teaches Kyudokan karate in Perpignan, south of France and was named as official representative of Kyudokan in France by Master Higa Minoru (10th Dan) in 2008.

In 2014,he was awarded the title of Civil ambassador of the Okinawa Prefecture and was named as teacher of the year for that same year by the “World Ryukyu No Kaze Society” in February 2015.

Patrick Rault Sensei was awarded his 8th Dan by Master Minoru Higa in Okinawa in 2016. He is also a French Federal Expert and was awarded his 8th Dan by the French Karate Federation in 2021.

He is a member of the “Commission Spécialisée des Dans et Grades Equivalents C.S.D.G.E” of the French Karate Federation since 2017 and official representative of the English Federation (B.I.K.O) in France.

Since he returned to France, he has been going back to Japan 3 times a year to train with Master Higa.

In april 2024, during his last visit to Okinawa, he was awarded the title of Hanshi 9th Dan by Sensei Minoru Higa, 10th dan, Kaicho of Kyudokan. In may 2024 the rank of le grade received from Sensei Higa was also validated by the Okinawa Federation (Okinawa Karate Kobudō Renmei).

Articles about Patrick Rault Sensei (in French)


The town of Killorglin where Kyudokan Kerry is based is located in the south west of Ireland on the famous touristic Ring of Kerry and is approximately 20km from Killarney.

For more information about the town of Killorglin, please visit 

Getting there


Kerry Airport the nearest airport to Killorglin is about 20km away (25mn drive).

Cork Airport (1.5hr away from Killlorglin by car)

Shannon Airport (1.5h away by car).

Dublin Airport ( Approximately 4hrs away from Killorglin by car. 

Please note that public transport around killorglin is limited and that it is advisable to rent a car to visit the area.

Train Station

The nearest train station is Killarney. You can find the bus timetable from Killarney to Killorglin at 

Staying in Killorglin

You can find a list of businesses and accommodation providers at


About Shorin-Ryu Karate

Shorin-ryu karate is a traditional Okinawan style that is at the origins of many of the modern karate styles such as Shotokan. The main focus of our style is on realistic applications and self protection.

Shoring-ryu is considered by many as the founding style for many of the modern styles of karate such as Shotokan.

Kyudokan Shorin-ryu Karatedo was founded by Sensei Yuchoku Higa. In 1947, he set up the Kyudokan Karate dojo in Naha city.

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